Risk Reinvention (Ryzyko)

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Gra w wersji angielskiej - sprowadzona z USA.

Gra Używana


Can you accomplish the military objectives before your opponents? With an updated map and all-new playing pieces, increased rewards for bold moves, easy-to-learn rules and three ways to play, you'll be ready to take on whatever lies ahead.

Three ways to play:
• Test your nerve with the Basic Training game, a quick and easy way to play.
• See if you have what it takes to dominate in the fast-paced and strategic Command Room game.
• Prove your courage in World Conquest, an updated edition of the classic Risk game.
•Includes gameboard, seven dice, deck of 42 cards, five sets of colored units, five capitals, 15 cities, parts sheet and instructions.
• For three to five players.



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